Appropriate quality assurance is important in the pharmaceutical industry.

Without it, companies cannot guarantee that their products conform to the appropriate standards for quality and safety.

Although everyone in a company is ultimately responsible for quality, executives and other members of top management have an important responsibility to provide training and foster an environment that promotes teamwork and emphasizes quality.

Although pharmaceutical companies may delegate responsibilities to other entities, such as contract research organizations, the responsibility for quality assurance is that of the pharmaceutical companies. As such, it is important for pharmaceutical executives to understand the importance of maintaining quality assurance systems.

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Inspections by the Food and Drug Administration can be challenging.

If the company fails, the FDA can issue them a warning letter or, in extreme cases, shut down the company’s operations entirely.

Because the consequences of noncompliance are serious, many executives would like to know where the issues lie beforehand.

As such, they may choose to consult with an outside firm to conduct a mock inspection. These inspections can help identify any issues that the executive might have beforehand regarding compliance with the FDA regulations.

They are a useful tool for helping the executive to determine the gaps in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration regulations.

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Social media has gained importance as a means of communication over the past several years.

Sites such as Linked-in, Twitter, and Facebook have provided means for professionals and corporations to disseminate information faster than ever before.

However, professionals in the pharmaceutical industry have been reluctant to use these outlets as a means of promoting products because of the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations regarding promotional materials. As such, the Food and Drug Administration has been taking steps to address these issues.

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