Core Values

At the FDA Group, our five Core Values are the guiding principles of our organization. These principles guide our organization’s internal conduct as well as our relationship with our customers. Our Core Values support the vision, shape the culture, and embody who we are as a company.

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1. Respond with urgency.

If you receive an inquiry and do not have the answer immediately available, let that person know that you have received their inquiry and will get back to them within a certain amount of time. Make query resolution swift and thorough.

2. Find a way to make it happen.

Focus on the following: What are our best options to solve the problem? What have we learned from the past that can help keep us from repeating a mistake? How will we integrate that learning into new behaviors or practices?

3. Communicate with radical candor.

Set the right tone, offer direct criticism and genuine praise. Earn the respect of your team not by demanding it but rather by being worthy of it. Be kind and respectful when delivering and receiving criticism and always be open to change.

4. Be humbly confident.

Do not be arrogant and make sure that you know your stuff. Be willing to put yourself in a vulnerable position in order to address the topic at hand. Know that no one is perfect.

5. Be easy to work with.

Whether you are dealing with clients, employees, consultants, or vendors, everyone deserves the same amount of respect and attention. Treat the janitor with the same level of respect as the CEO.

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