Browse the list below to see a sample of the professionals The FDA Group has within its organization.

With a staff of 600+ specialists worldwide, 75+ of whom are former FDA, we are sure to have the appropriate resource for your project.


BD 03_2018-1.jpg

Senior Manager of Quality Systems

BM 03_2018-1.jpg

Director of Quality Assurance

BT 03_2018-1.jpg

Former Consumer Safety Officer

CB 03_2018-1.jpg

Senior Regulatory Affairs Executive

CC 03_2018-1.jpg

Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer


Director Quality and Regulatory Compliance

CD 03_2018-1.jpg

Regulatory Compliance Manager


Sr. Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

DJ 03_2018-1.jpg

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Quality Assurance

DW 03_2018-1.jpg

Deputy Director

EZ 03_2018-1.jpg

Compliance Director

FC 03_2018-1.jpg

Director, PGM Quality Support for North America East Coast

HB 03_2018-1.jpg

Senior Quality Engineer

JF 03_2018-1.jpg

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

JL 03_2018-1.jpg

Director of Quality Assurance

JZ 03_2018-1

Vice President, Biologics Development

KC 03_2018-1.jpg

Vice President of Product Development

KM 03_2018-1.jpg

Validation Engineer

KW 03_2018-1.jpg

Director, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

LS 03_2018-1.jpg

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, and Quality Assurance

LW 03_2018-1.jpg

Quality Management System Deployment Program Manager


Plant Manager, OTC Drug, Cosmetics and Food Mfg.

MC 03_2018-1.jpg

Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development

MN 03_2018-1.jpg

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

PB 03_2018-1.jpg

Associate Director Drug Metabolism Pharmacokinetics

PS 03_2018-1.jpg

Former Consumer Safety Officer/Investigator

SR 03_2018-1.jpg

Sr. Director, Regulatory Affairs

TO 03_2018-1.jpg

Director of Quality

WK 03_2018-1.jpg

Clinical Research Coordinator

BC 04_2018-1

Executive Health Officer