Vendor/Supplier Auditing

FDA’s focus on vendor, supplier, and contract manufacturer compliance is tightening. The supply chain is only as strong as its weakest point. To protect yourself and your stakeholders from the consequences of recalls, seizures, injunctions, and other enforcement actions, it is critically important to identify and remediate all compliance issues present in your outsourced operations through comprehensive audits and corrective actions conducted by experienced quality professionals.

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How we can help

Our certified, experienced auditors plan, schedule, and execute vendor/supplier quality management audits to identify areas of conformance and nonconformance with applicable global regulations. Following assessment, our experts provide a detailed report including all observations, deficiencies, and a risk-based corrective action plan for improvement.

With an enhancement plan in place, our quality professionals will work closely with you to provide recommendations, resolve compliance issues, track corrective actions, and communicate the status of resolutions with company management. This comprehensive approach to vendor/supplier quality management strengthens your vendor/supplier relationships while ensuring your products are of the highest quality through a quality system that is compliant and efficient.

Our vendor/supplier auditing services include:

  • Vendor/supplier audit plan strategy and creation
  • Vendor/supplier audit execution and project management
  • Vendor/supplier audit plan maintenance and support
  • MDSAP strategies and audit implementation


Is your team using Veeva as your eQMS? In addition to conducting audits, we can complete your data entry directly within your Veeva system, saving you significant time and attention.

Our dedicated project support team works directly with our auditors to streamline the process of inputting audit reports into the Veeva platform. We’ll guide your Veeva Administrator through the steps to confer the necessary user permissions in the platform and take care of the audit input on your behalf. 

Contact us to learn more about integrating Veeva management into your auditing service so you can focus on your core operations.

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