Manufacturing & Engineering

Power your manufacturing and engineering operations with experienced life science resources. Fill internal gaps or target a specific role with an individual resource or team to see your project or program through to success. We provide you with support no matter which role you need to fill or which phase your project is in.

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Our resources can evaluate and enhance any link in your manufacturing operations from material receipt to finished product distribution.

  • Product & Personnel Controls

  • Aseptic Processing

  • Biologics Manufacturing

  • Product Assembly

  • Packaging & Labeling

  • Process Optimization

  • Sterilization

  • Lyophilization

  • Purification


Our staff of engineering resources span across multiple disciplines to ensure your needs are met. Whether you need to implement a global document control system or develop a package for your product we have the expertise to assist you.

  • Software Engineering
    • System Migration
    • Imbedded Device Software
    • Testing
    • Instrument and Device
  • Commissioning and Qualification
    • Equipment
    • Utilities
    • Facilities
    • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Product, Process and Equipment Engineering
    • Design Engineering
    • Product Development
    • Manufacturing Process Engineering
    • Packaging Engineering
    • Instrument and Control
  • Turn Key Project Management
    • Project Conception and Feasibility
    • Project Management
    • Project Delivery

Our resources can be utilized to meet the wide range of quality and compliance requirements throughout the life sciences, as well as to support staffing assignments, lead and manage related activities, bridge staffing gaps, and provide long-term or interim leadership.

Please contact us to learn more about fulfilling specific manufacturing and engineering resourcing needs. We help clients secure a wide variety of life science resources for both contracted and direct hire engagements with the perfect combination of qualifications, experience, and motivation for succeeding in challenging and demanding projects.

Why work with The FDA Group?

  • Get quick, easy access to industry resources.

  • Fulfill short or long-term resourcing needs at a competitive rate.

  • Get a flexible alternative to traditional full-time hiring.

  • Receive dedicated project management and a Total Quality Guarantee.

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