Industry Consultant (Former FDA)

Professional Experience


Principal, Regulatory Solution, Lincoln NE 

Assisting clients in introducing new medical products both in the U.S. and EU.  Providing regulatory, quality, and market analysis for devices, drugs, drug/device combinations and IVDs for clients world-wide.  Accomplishments include:

  • Development of theranostics for candidate screening and selection in clinical trials

  • Architect for discussions resolving a 6-year feud between the FDA and industry partner

  • Formulation of regulatory & quality framework for commercializing lab-developed PCR diagnostics

  • Developed agency-accepted documentation for moderate & major LOC software containing devices

  • Designed a QA and regulatory framework for a distributed software system including security

  • Developed a PMA pathway for a commercialized device sold under enforcement discretion

  • Addressing regulatory concerns in the context of recalls and consent decrees

  • Inspection, Pre-inspection and 3rd party audits of device, drug, and sterilization facilities globally

  • Implementation of ISO 13485, CFR §211 & CFR §820 compliant quality systems worldwide

  • Regulatory oversight and management of NMEs for use in new combination products

  • Oversight and interpretation of global trial data from diverse sites including Thailand, Brazil, and South Africa



Director of Regulatory and Quality Assurance, Focus Surgery, Indianapolis, IN

Directed regulatory efforts for market entry of a first-in-kind electromechanical imaging and treatment device in oncology.  Focused regulatory and clinical efforts to expedite approval.  Developed design strategies to minimize regulatory overhead and engineering costs.  Accomplishments include:

  • Developed the regulatory, testing and quality framework for software in a Class III device

  • Drove implementation of a comprehensive 21 CFR §820 and ISO 13485 compliant quality system

  • Oversaw the company’s first full CE-mark  – successful

  • Regulatory and quality audits for Due Diligence of potential acquisitions and mergers

  • Implemented company’s first suite of supplier audits and incoming inspections

  • Initiated strategies for addressing post-market surveillance and CAPA

  • Simplified clinical trial designs to expedite enrollment and approval

  • Consolidated product versions to minimize regulatory and engineering overhead



Regulatory Scientist, Cook Inc., Bloomington, IN

Development of regulatory strategies for high risk, combination medical devices: drug/device and tissue/device.  Development of regulatory strategies for introducing innovative Class III medical technologies.  Oversight of preparations for submissions world-wide.  Accomplishments include:

  • Added 20M to corporate profits by formulating  quality and regulatory strategy for parametric release – a company first

  • Pre-emptive strategy for addressing post-market regulatory inquiries and CAPA

  • Consolidation of quality system implementation across manufacturing sites worldwide

  • Drove submissions and strategy for an in-trial DES

  • Regulatory strategy, pre-IDE’s, and filings for U.S. & Canadian clinical trials involving stem cells

  • Doubled revenue for a pre-amendment product by expanding indication – accomplished with legacy data

  • Formulation of worldwide regulatory strategy for venous stenting,  a new corporate focus 

  • Oversight and submission of product portfolios -  PMA, 510k, EU design dossiers, device licenses



CDRH  Medical Device Fellow, Food & Drug Administration

Analysis and approval of high-risk (PMA) medical devices.  Review of regulatory strategies for introducing innovative medical technologies.  Working within OIVD, development of clinical and regulatory standards.  Exploiting opportunities at both the NIH and FDA to develop new contrast agents for cardiovascular imaging. Accomplishments include:

  • Premarket approval (PMA) of high risk medical devices including presentations to panel 

  • Pre-approval inspections for high risk devices and drugs


  • Oversaw 1 of only 3 directed, international inspections for that year.  From the FDA perspective, one of the most productive company audits in CDRH history

  • Risk and fault analysis for devices containing software

  • Briefing outside agents on avenues to market for innovative technologies

  • Initiated a collaborative partnership to develop x-ray and MRI contrast agents for atherosclerosis

  • Development of software for quality control of clinical laboratory data

  • Review and clearance of abbreviated, special, traditional 510k  and CLIA applications from industry 



Medtronic Medical Device Fellow, Food & Drug Administration

A joint position with the Food & Drug Administration, Stanford, and the Medtronic Foundation.  Worked with the FDA to approve and streamline the approval of medical devices and combination medical products.  Focus on IVDs with emphasis on microarrays. Accomplishments include:

  • Developed of new quality paradigm for reviewing software-containing devices 

  • Premarket approval (PMA) of high risk medical devices and combination medical devices

  • Review and clearance of abbreviated, special, traditional 510k and CLIA applications from industry 

  • Pre-IDE planning with FDA and corporate partners



Research Scientist, Applied Physics, Stanford University

Exploited small angle x-ray scattering to study protein folding, changes in protein conformations, ligand docking, and RNA folding.  Accomplishments include:

  • Increased collaborative and research work by 100%, growth involving collaborations with 10 teams of researchers on 3 continents and 5 countries

  • Reduced turnaround time for results by more than 1000%, achieved by developing a new software system to eliminate bottlenecks in data interpretation

  • Initiated new research projects in protein folding, RNA folding, and protein chaperones

  • Drove new funding initiatives

  • Trained new graduate and post-doctoral students in small angle x-ray scattering and biochemistry



Doctoral Studies, Physical Chemistry, Stanford University

Developed new experimental techniques for analyzing and constraining complex dynamical systems.   Accomplishments include:

  • Discovered new chemical phenomena in the Briggs-Rauscher reaction  

  • Developed kinetic and computational models to analyze this behavior  

  • Trained a post-doctoral fellow in applying these techniques



Software Engineer, MDL Information Systems, Inc., San Leandro, CA

Developed new testing methodologies, focusing on challenges in cross-product integration and inter-departmental coordination.  Note: this position was concurrent with my Ph.D. work.   Accomplishments include:

  • Identified structural impediments limiting cross-product coordination and hampering productivity

  • Devised and promoted new practices to increase cooperation between departments

  • Initiated the analysis and selection of software to facilitate coordination

  • Determined the vendor and product best able to meet MDL’s organizational requirements



Software Engineer, Talarian Corporation, Mountain View, CA

Design and testing of real-time decision systems including an object-oriented rule engine. Note: this position was concurrent with my Ph.D. work.  Accomplishments include:

  • Improved quality by initiating the first automated testing system in the company  

  • Increased product quality, implementing a 300% increase in code coverage in 5 programs on 4 platforms

  • Reduced lag time by implementing an overnight testing regime

  • Development of rule-based engine for real-time data processing



Software Engineer, MDL Information Systems, Inc., San Leandro, CA

Developed and tested chemical drawing and database systems.  Design of user interface.  Creation of large chemical databases.   Accomplishments include:

  • Oversaw releases of company’s first Windows software

  • Designed and created the first databases for the flagship product –still packaged with the system

  • Employee of the Month, July 1991 

  • Sought and controlled a 200% budget increase

  • Reorganized a 14-person group to improve effectiveness  

  • Improved quality by instituting an automated testing system

Presentations and Invited Lectures

“Value Based Laboratory Tests — What Went Wrong on the Way to the Fair?”

February, 2010 

Molecular Methods Tri-Conference, San Francisco


“Translational Bioengineering: Overcoming the Ultimate Barrier to Entry: Commercialization, Regulation, and the FDA” October, 2009

BMES 2009 Annual Fall Scientific Meeting


“Mapping Out Preclinical and Human Studies to Support Safety: Getting to First-in-Man Clinical Trials” March, 2008

 RAPS Horizons, San Francisco

“Barriers to Entry: Regulatory Implications for Vaccines and Biologics” October, 2006

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


“Elucidations of Protein Folding by Small Angle X-ray Scattering” October, 2005

Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, NIH


“The Security Implications of Education, Innovation and Globalization” April, 2004

Homeland Security Institute, ANSER

Awards and Honors

Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Ivy Tech Community College - 2010

CLSI Standards Committee: User Verification of Performance for Precision and Trueness (EP-15) - 2009

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Certification, United States - 2007

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Certification, European Union - 2007

Center for Device and Radiological Health Medical Device Fellow - 2006 

Medtronic Medical Device Fellow – 2005

Professional Organizations

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Association for Clinical Chemistry

American Chemical Society

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society


Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Ph.D., Chemistry, December 1998

Recipient, AFOSR grant for Basic Research


University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

B.S., Chemistry, June 1989

Publication List


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