A Versatile Solution to Consulting and Staffing: An Update from The FDA Group

For years, we’ve focused primarily on project-based consulting—helping life science firms plan and execute projects from start to finish.

And while these types of projects will always be critical, we’ve found that not everyone needs such comprehensive assistance. Sometimes, they just need access to the right people to support their own efforts.

That’s why we’ve complemented our project-based consulting services with a staff augmentation model that provides quick and easy access to our large network of life science resources around the world—all backed by a Total Quality Guarantee.

Head to our brand-new Staff Augmentation page here or read on to learn more.

A better approach to life science staffing

Staffing projects with the right people at the right price is getting harder every day thanks to a fierce labor market and a quickly-changing regulatory environment.

What’s more, many staffing agencies that work with life science firms don’t treat the industry as their only or even main focus, leading them to misunderstand specific critical needs. This can result in poor fits, delays, and in the end, headaches for everyone involved.

Our staff augmentation model combines a super-efficient talent selection, delivery, and management process with a large, global network of specialists to give firms exactly what they want out of the recruiting experience:

  • Reduced expenses. Resources come equipped with the necessary skill set for the job, so they need very little training or time to transition to a position. In short, they hit the ground running, saving hiring managers the expense of securing and on-boarding resources.
  • A shorter hiring process. Our staff augmentation model accelerates the traditionally slow hiring process, minimizing or totally eliminating delays and productivity issues. Specialists are hand-picked experts in specific skills you need in-house, so not only do they require minimal training, but they actually add value as thought leaders and subject matter experts with fresh perspectives.
  • Access to a steady, reliable channel for talent. Contracted staffing agreements ensure resources aren’t only just a perfect fit the first time, but are also reliable. Projects aren’t threatened by staffing issues while they’re in progress and unforeseen staffing changes be made quickly, whether it’s scaling up or down.


Whether you need a single resource or an entire team of on-site or remote resources, we connect you to qualified life science specialists to build, scale, and efficiently fill gaps or voids through a staffing model that better reflects cyclical and project-based demands of the life science industry while infusing new skills and experiences into your team.

We leverage a large, trusted network of dedicated life science professionals guaranteed to be the right fit, the first time. And unlike a traditional consulting firm, our rates are rightsized to fit your budget while ensuring you receive access to premium expertise at the level needed for your particular role or project.

Our Proven Process

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In addition to our large and growing worldwide network of industry experts, we take the time to understand your precise needs before identifying exactly the resource you need—whenever and wherever you need them, at a competitive rate, with dedicated account management every step of the way. All of our services are backed by a Total Quality Guarantee.

In addition to our large and growing worldwide network of industry experts, we take the time to understand 

What makes this a proven process? The results speak for themselves:

  • 86% of the time we submit a candidate to a client, they agree it’s the right fit at the right price.
  • 95% of the time after our specialists start, they prove to be the right fit at the right price.
  • We maintain a 97% client satisfaction rate and an NPS score of 80.

Don’t take our word for it

Check out the links below to see why our process is ideal for both consultants and the firms who need them.

Learn more and connect with us

Want to learn more about how staff augmentation is the ideal resourcing model for the life sciences and what makes us different? Head to our Staff Augmentation page here. Have questions or want to get your next project or program staffed now or in the future? Get the conversation started here. Looking for a resource in a specific area or want to join our large and growing consulting team? Check out our Consultants page here.

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