Browse the list below to see a sample of the professionals The FDA Group has within its organization.

With a staff of over 355 consultants (60 of whom are Former FDA Investigators), we are sure to have the appropriate resource for your project.



Director of Quality and Compliance


Former FDA Investigator; Clinical, Quality and Regulatory Manager


Manager of Engineering


Former FDA Customer Safety Officer; Senior GMP Compliance Specialist


Senior Food and Drug Investigator


Vice President of Regulatory Affairs


Director, Regulatory Affairs


Senior Regulatory Compliance Analyst


Global Director of Design Quality


Director, Analytical Chemistry


Former FDA Investigator


Former FDA Medical Device Specialist; Former FDA Consumer Safety Officer; QSR Specialist


Senior Quality Assurance Specialist


Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance


FDA Supervisory Investigator; FDA Compliance Officer


Associate Director, Medical Affairs and Drug Safety; Clinical Safety Officer


FDA Field Investigator, GS-13 & GS-12 Device Specialist


Drug Specialist Investigator; Medical Device Specialist Investigator; Team Biologics Compliance Officer; Food Investigator


Consumer Safety Officer; Chemist


Director, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance


Director, Scientific and Regulatory Compliance


Consumer Safety Officer / Investigator


Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance and Professional Services