Overcoming 5 Common Challenges in Computer System Validation (CSV)

Ever struggle with the complexities of computer system validation?

Watch this free on-demand webinar and get an entire playbook of CSV best practices. Slide deck included!

In this free presentation, senior validation engineer and consultant Rashida Ray covers:

  • How to effectively use process mapping to plan for CSV
  • Understanding how data is acquired, stored, and used within the system to ensure data integrity
  • Understanding the entire data lifecycle within a system
  • How to host cross-functional team meetings to help to break down silos and foster better communication and collaboration
  • Understanding applicable regulations and standards
  • Defining and establishing user requirement specifications

Rashida Ray is an experienced senior validation engineer offering a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and quality systems, underpinned by over a decade of experience in the industry. Rashida will share consultative-level best practices from her personal CSV playbook, offering practical insights you can apply immediately.

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