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Clearing Complaint Backlogs: A Guide to Efficient Complaint Management

It's not uncommon for FDA-regulated manufacturers to find themselves without the resources or processes to efficiently manage product complaints.

When the resulting backlog isn’t cleared quickly and completely, the issue can compound into serious safety and compliance problems.

This guide dives deep into the common causes for complaint backlogs and offers adaptable, generalized strategies for remediation.

These scenarios and solutions were compiled by Alan Greathouse, a regulatory compliance expert with extensive experience in identifying the causes of complaint backlogs and working to develop efficient and effective ways to remediate them in companies large and small, all over the world.

What you'll find inside:

  • A practical, in-depth look at the causes of product complaint backlogs
  • A breakdown of where process-related problems commonly occur within complaint intake, investigation, and classification/prioritization
  • Expert tips for mitigating complaint issues and eliminating complaint backlogs
  • A summary of the possible consequences of inaction
  • A look into how third-party experts can solve complaint backlog problems quickly and efficiently while improving processes to prevent issues in the future
  • And much more
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