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A Modern Guide to Clinical Operations Resourcing

How to Balance Outsourcing and Insourcing Models for Maximum Flexibility, Productivity, and Efficiency

A highly competitive talent market and pressures around productivity and cost-efficiency are pushing clinical teams to get more done in less time with better outcomes. 

Clinical teams are moving beyond the “make versus build” or “outsource or not” questions to ask, what is the best outsourcing, insourcing, or hybrid model for this situation?”

This white paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of various clinical resourcing models in the current life science R&D landscape. We offer several points to consider when deciding to outsource or insource functions—a playbook for successful clinical operations resourcing.

About the Contributor

Mark Shapiro, MA, MBA.

circle-cropped (1)Mark brings two decades of management consulting and hands-on operational leadership experience for clients in the pharmaceutical, CRO, and biotech business. His expertise is growth strategies, business transformation, and operational excellence within clinical research and clinical development.

His specialties include systems-based solutions to develop and integrate people, processes, and information technology to support clinical research and clinical development.

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