"We Have a Large Staff of Former FDA Investigators, Officials, and Reviewers."

Focus on Quality

The FDA Group’s Mission Statement

quality copy (2)The FDA Group is a recognized global leader in FDA compliance consulting, regulatory services and recruitment. The FDA Group focuses on providing exceptional service to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device / diagnostics industries. We ensure that all of our clients are prepared to pass FDA inspection, file their regulatory submission with impeccable accuracy and quality, and recruit the highest caliber talent that promotes a game changing environment.

The FDA Group is committed to providing its services with the highest standard of quality. We make this claim by dedicating ourselves to the following principles:

1. Client Satisfaction

We are dedicated to understanding and responding to our clients’ needs, providing insight into current industry and regulatory trends and initiatives so as to meet or exceed all client expectations.

2. Continuous improvement

We are committed to a culture of total quality, where the continuous improvement of our people, our processes, and our services is a way of life so that we can optimize our service quality, client satisfaction, and client profitability.

3. Public Responsibility

We are committed to honesty, integrity, accountability, and responsibility in all aspects of our work, and to extend our efforts through our services for the betterment of humanity throughout the global community.